Christmas and Baby Showered with Love

Sunday, December 26 -

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

This Christmas Adam and I celebrated with both families and it was fun to celebrate as fiances. Like Thanksgiving, we were spoiled once again by our mom's awesome meals. I received some great presents including several exciting kitchen essentials and I can't wait to share them with you!

This photo is a close up of my parent's Christmas tree. It highlights a gold reflective Christmas Ball, a gold garland, and a bright small bulb from a multi-colored light strand.

Although Christmas is a big celebration by itself, my Mom, Jamie, Susan and I threw Judy and Raj a baby shower the day after Christmas. A good amount of our family and friends were still in town to celebrate and the timing worked out really well. This is their first baby and the shower was packed with TONS of food, presents, and games. My mom served awesome meatballs (the vegetarian version was incredible and I need to get the recipe!) and a strawberry kiwi spinach salad. Susan added a chocolate fountain, incredible warm ham sandwiches on Jamie's homemade rolls, and an adorable diaper cake. I planned to take tons of food and party pictures but completely forgot! My camera fell to the wayside when things got started and it was great to laugh, relax, and enjoy the company.

Welcome to the world little baby boy!
We love you and enjoyed helping your family get ready for you!
Your parents were adorable little kids and we can't wait for you to get here in March!

This picture shows portions of the framed the baby shower invitations, framed pictures of the the parents Judy and Raj as kids, and votive jars filled with retro style blue diaper pins.
This picture is a close up shot of the top of the votive jars filled with retro blue diaper pins. The jars are on a wood table and are bright with light hitting the pins.
This is a picture of the baby shower party favors. They are small bags filled with lindt candy balls, a travel size bath and body works hand sanitizer and are tied with blue yarn.
This picture is of the blue yarn that ties the party favors together.
This is a picture of my sister Annie, Judy and niece Avery relaxing on the couch during the baby shower.
Niece Avery, sister Annie, and mom to be Judy!

Oh, and I haven't forgot about those mounds of white chocolate. The treats disappeared on Christmas day and the recipe is coming soon!


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